DMV Checklist for Written Test

(To get your driver’s permit)


Ages 17-1/2 and older:

You are not required to take driver's ed but you are required to have a permit in order to practice driving, take driving lessons, or take the behind-the-wheel test at the DMV. It would be wise for you to study prior to taking the written test to get your permit and there are several ways to study.

The Online Driver's Ed course is helpful and you are welcome to take it but you could study on your own to prepare for the test. You may get a copy of the Driver's Handbook at your local DMV or click here to read the online version. There are also free online DMV practice tests that are fun to do and are very helpful. Click here to take the practice tests.

Be prepared to fill out the Driver's License Application (DL 44) when you get to the DMV or click here to fill it out online. An appointment is not necessary for the written test but I highly recommend an appointment so that your wait is not too long.  Visit or call 1-800-777-0133 to schedule your appointment.

What you will need to bring to DMV to take your written test:

  • Filled out Driver’s License Application (DL 44)

  • Original or certified documents establishing identity, birth date, true full name, residency, and/or legal presence (example: birth certificate or passport).

  • Social security card/number

  • Proof of address

  • About $36 for the DMV. (DMV does not take credit cards)

  • When you arrive at the DMV go to the START HERE window which will be identified by a sign