DMV Checklist for Drive Test


(Please give this to your parents)

 PRIOR to making your appointment with the DMV for your driving test, call or text (805) 698-0102 to coordinate with me to schedule your final driving lesson. 

(If you schedule your test date first and then ask me to give you your final lesson without ample notice, I may not be able to accommodate you if I’m already booked up and I wouldn’t want that to happen.)

 To make an appointment with the DMV, you may either call (800) 777-0133 or go online at to schedule your appointment.  Click “Appointments” and then “Behind-the-Wheel Drive Test”.  Make sure to fully complete the process of confirming your appointment and then take a screen-shot of your confirmation # or barcode.

 Important:  I suggest you schedule your test at least one month prior to your permit expiring.  If for some reason you do not pass the drive test, the DMV will make you wait two weeks before you may retake the test and you would not want your permit to expire.  You may take the test up to three times within the year that your permit is valid.  If your permit expires, you will have to retake the written DMV test again in order to obtain a new permit.  (You would not need to retake Driver’s Ed or Training.)

 Checklist of what to bring with you on test day:

  1. Arrive 15 minutes early and check in at the Drive Test window.

  2. Bring your permit.

  3. One of your parents must sign page 2 of your permit stating that you have had at least 50 hours of behind the wheel practice. (40 hours in the daylight and 10 at night.)

  4. If you have it, a screen shot of your confirmation number/barcode for the appointment you made.

  5. Current registration card for the car you will be using.

  6. Proof of auto insurance.

  7. Your Certificate of Completion of your Driver’s Training.  (Yellow slip I will give you at your final lesson.)  * It’s very important to not lose this certificate.

 The DMV examiner will inspect the vehicle you are using to make sure the following items are in working order:

  • Driver side window works

  • Both front doors able to open/close from both inside and out

  • No large cracks in windshield that obstruct driver’s view

  • Rear view mirrors inside & out

  • Working turn signals, headlights, brake lights, hazard lights, and horn

  • Glove compartment must close

  • No bald or flat tires

  • Have front and rear license plates

  • No pets or passengers allowed to accompany you on the drive test

All the best to you on test day!